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Product Description

Jaquar Female Sex Enhancer Gum
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Product Description

Jaquar chewing gum, women’s sexual product sex enhancer for women Specification: one box contains 2 strips, 20 pcs chewing gum in one small box
  • Taste: strawberry & Pineapple
  • Brand Name: Jaquar
  • Function: Aphrodisiac
  • Feature: Natural and herbal
  • Style: effective and no side-effect

  • Ingredients: Puerariae extract, Crocus, Clover extract, Xilitol, Maca extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C
  • Effect: Chewing the gum can secrete estrogen, which will stimulate pituitary gland to produce excitation and then transmit to never center so as to greatly increase sexual desire. It will make you sexual life more passionate
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  • 1. Make sexual life passionate
  • 2. Produce sex desire
  • 3. Cause excitement
  • 4. Increase sexual desire in Female.
  • 5. Herbal No side effects

  • Female sex Gum in Pakistan, Female Sex Gum in Hyderabad, Female Sex Gum in Islamabad
    Usage and dosage: one pcs each time, keep in a dry and windy place.The same taste and shape as the ordinary chewing gum, no side effect’s enhancer for women, obvious effect, arouse strong sexual desire of women.

    Children and pregnant women are forbidden to take it.


    Product Description

    Vig Rx is a natural male enhancement product which offers several benefits to the user. It not only helps manage issues like male erectile dysfunction, but also helps the users handle their varied medical or sexual issues. There are different problems that are generally faced by men such as erectile dysfunction or impotence, low stamina and sex drive and premature ejaculation. In the context of these, VigRX Plus is a breakthrough as it is the first of its kind for treating these conditions successfully. Moreover, the clinical trials are scientifically endorsed as well.

    There are different reasons for the success of VigRX, although most men are bothered with the consequences. The natural product offers ample advantages to your sexual life. You cannot of course ignore the sexual pleasure which is experienced by women if their partners used the VigRX product for around 12 weeks least. Some of the advantages comprise:

    Sex Gum in Pakistan, Sex Gum in Karachi, Female Sex Gum in Karachi, Female Sex Gum in Lahore
    1. Higher level of sexual satisfaction
    2. Increase Penis size
    3. Increase Penis Length & Thickness.
    4. Increases sexual timing.
    5. Stop premature ejaculation.
    6. Long Lasting Erection & Harder erection.
    7. Improves sexual drive & performance.
    8. You will find noticeable change in your sex life.
    9. Defeats erectile dysfunction.
    10. Improve blood flow to the penis.
    11. Long lasting erection during penetration
    12. Women are immensely turned on at the sight of the bigger erection
    13. They feel satisfied with the relationship

    Increased Satisfaction:

    Vigrx guarantees increased sexual satisfaction which is testified by the man and his partner. More than 2/3rd of women who did not experience an orgasm started going through these orgies of pleasure after their partners began taking VigRX. It also led to an unexpected boost of confidence in the man. This told on their sexual performance, as well as enhanced their sexual frequency. Hence, better performance in bed not only leads to more pleasure and elaborate desires, but adds to desire from both sides.

    What to Expect?

    VigRX should be used for about 3 to 4 months before its range of benefits can be enjoyed. Moreover, you start observing noticeable results. The most notable changes are observed after prolonged use and hence you should try the natural product more often. Men also note an enhanced capacity to achieve erections. Additionally, your blood flow is increased and circulation modified with better transport of blood to your Corpora Cavernosa. Once the blood flow is regularized, men notice an increased size of their member which grows thick and big with long and tough erections.

    After 2 months have elapsed, you will tend to last significantly longer in oral sex and intercourse, with considerable increases in the intensity of your orgasm. The size of your erection will increase, the function of the erection is prolonged, and intensity of orgasm increased.

    If you are thinking whether to choose VigRX or not, the answer lies in your expectations. The needs of people vary and obviously everyone looks for dynamism in their sex life. If you are not happy with your sexual performance and life in the bedroom, it is time to switch to VigRX. This is the natural product which offers longer and firmer erections whenever you please, doubles or even trebles the firmness of your ejaculations, helps you stay sustained throughout penetration and considerably increases the quality of your sex life.

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