Slim N Lift

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Product Description

Slim N Lift
slim n lift in pakistan

Product Description

Slim ‘n Lift is a revolutionary slimming and lifting undergarment that can give you a sexy, curvy hour glass figure instantly. The secret is in the exclusive engineering that combines form and function to sculpt, shape, firm and slenderize. And it does all of this in amazing comfort. Slim ‘n Lift® Silhouette Supreme supports from below the bust line to just above the knee line ensuring all of your problem areas are targeted. Slim ‘n Lift® Silhouette Supreme makes you look inches smaller and pounds thinner instantly. It hides bulges, bumps and rolls making you look tight and trim. It will help you fit into your favorite pair of jeans, slinky dress or tailored business suits comfortably. The Slim ‘n Lift® Silhouette Supreme will give you a smooth, neat and trim look from below the bust line all the way to just above the knees You'll feel comfortable and confident wearing it.

slim n lift in Karachi, Islamabad
Product Qualities
  1. Whether you are going in Party, Dinner or with your friends Slim N Lift will make you younger, slimmer & smarter with in minutes of time.
  2. Instantly it will hide all your fatty area of the body like Thighs, Hips, and Stomach.
  3. It will give you a new younger & smarter look
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