Pink Nipple Cream

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Product Description

Pink Nipple Pump

Product Description
A Natural Formula Contains Salicylic Acid serving as a catalyst to bleach naturally dark nipples which will become soft pink. With daily use of nipple pink cream, dark nipple will never occur. Nipple Pink Cream conditions the nipples, leaving them pink and fresh. With a mixture of natural herbal extracts, it helps lighten dark spots while removing dead skin cells and reveals new, pinker nipples. pink nipple cream in pakistan, pink nipple cream in Islamabad
What are the Benefits?
  • Pink nipple cream can help prevent and repair cracked sore nipples.
  • Pinker, sexier nipples.
  • Improves nipple appearance.
  • Prevents cracking.
  • Pink Nipple Cream can lighten your nipples in 3 days. They will acquire a pinkish and firmer look something that you can truly be proud of.
  • Cherry pink as a lip color - brings out the natural pinkish hue of your nipples, no artificial colorants added.
  • Specially formulated with high quality natural herbal extracts.
  • Can be used for a long time, nipple will not turn darker than before if discontinued.
  • Safe for daily use.
  • No greasy after-feel.

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    How to use?
    After showering dry your body with soft towel, apply Pink Nipple Cream on nipples twice a day, morning and evening.

    Nipple Cream is recommended to
  • Those with darkened or discolored nipples
  • Those with chapped, flaking or dry nipples
  • Those who wish to restore the natural color of nipples

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