No No Hair Remover

Rs. 3,500

Product Description

No No Hair Remover

The No No Hair system uses Pulsed Light Technology combined with an advanced, wide coverage depilator to remove multiple hairs from the roots in seconds! Gradually over time and with repeated use, hair growth decreases getting you closer and closer to becoming hair free forever! Pulsed Light Technology works safely and without pain. Its pulsed light has a wavelength of 660 nanometres which safely penetrates skin without damaging it. The light targets the hair at the root, weakening it, making it easy for the hair to be quickly removed by the depilator and causing the hair to grow back slower and thinner. Since you have it at home, you can use it as often as you need to and achieve long lasting hair reduction and because No No Hair is long lasting, you can save a fortune on razors, shaving cream and expensive salon treatments

  • Use it on your legs, arms, bikini area and much more!
  • Safe for any skin colour
  • Compact - take it with you wherever you go
  • Both AC and battery powered so it’s always ready whenever you need it (batteries not included)

  • The No No Hair
  • FREE travel bag for storing and carrying your No No Hair
  • FREE small brush
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