Gimide Rechargeable Shaver for Men

Rs. 1,800

Product Description

Gimide RSCX-2102 Double-Revolving Rechargeable Electric Shaver For Men

Product Description

Gimide RSCX-2102 Double-revolving Rechargeable Electric Shaver for Men Lift & Cut system is lightweight, compact and easy-to-use two-headed shaver with Lift & Cut technology and individually floating heads for a close, comfortable shave. Unique Lift & Cut dual blade system this unique dual blade system gently lifts hair into position for an incredibly close cut.

Product Benefits
    Gimide Shaver has following benefits
  1. No need to spend time & money in other shaving cream, foams & razors
  2. Double-revolving rechargebale electric shaver for men.
  3. Build-in power plug.
  4. Use high hardness cutting blade.
  5. It takes about 8 hours to charge the shaver completely
  6. You will get Clean & smooth Shave
  7. Unique Lift & Cut system
  8. Individually floating heads
  9. Cordless battery shaver
  10. Easy to operate & Easy to use.
  11. Adjusts to every curve of your face and neck
  12. Back up time more than 60 minutes
  13. Philips shaver comes up with small built inn charging plug
  14. Very easy to charge
  15. Portable & convenient you can take it everywhere while traveling.
  16. No need to use other shaving Cream, Foams and Gel.
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